"Meet the Merchant" was created to introduce the individuals behind the boutiques, restaurants and galleries in Historic Park City. This month we are doing something a bit different and introducing you to the mobile recycling service provided by David Zinn from Good Earth Recycling, to our Main Street Merchants. David is from Annapolis, MD, has been in Park City for 20 years and on Main Street for 4 years. 

  • Tell us about yourself (a brief bio about you, include how you ended up on Main Street, family, hobbies, etc).

    I grew up in Annapolis on the Chesapeake Bay. I fell in love with sailing when I was just a young kid. I worked in the marine industry for 15 years. Having my captain’s license, I decided to leave Annapolis for the winter. I was going to be a captain in the Islands or ski in mountains of Utah. Utah won the coin toss.  I spent one summer back East and soon realized Park City was the place for me.

  • Tell us more about your business. 

    After owning two Papa Murphy’s Pizza franchises for 15 years, it was time for a change. My good friend Joe was selling his recycling business and it seemed like the perfect timing. I already had a passion for recycling and the love of God’s green earth, so I felt that it was a calling to help the Park City area's environmental initiative. 

    Park City Mobile Recycling services home owners as well as all types of businesses. We specialize in flexible pick up schedules for the changing seasons. Item’s we collect are glass, cardboard, paper, metal, electronics, plastic, and more. 

  • Describe Historic Park City in 5 words. 

    Just another day in paradise!

  • What is your favorite time of year in Park City? Why? 

    Every Day in Park City is a blessing rain, snow, sleet or shine!

  • Describe Main Street in Park City in 5 words:

     It’s all about the history!

  • Favorite Historic Main Street businesses:

    I can’t honestly answer that question! I deal with so many wonderful stores on Main Street and everyone is special in their own way. I'm happy that we are introducing the Mobile Recycling Services this month so we can get more people on board and I look forward to meeting more merchants. 

  • What is your favorite time of year in Park City?

    Every day is a blessing in Park City, rain, snow, sleet or shine! The spring and Fall are very peaceful on Main Street.  It is nice to wind down a little after the busy season and appreciate the simple things in life, like friends and family.

  • What do you do on your day off?

    Backcountry skiing and mountain biking.

  • Something we would be surprised to know about the Mobile Recycling Center?

    We do custom residential glass pickups and we service main street company’s that can’t come out to the recycling truck.

  • What else would you like to share with the Main Street Merchants?

    It is a pleasure to help with the Main Street Recycling. Please feel free to give me a call anytime with questions. I would love to share the recycling stops and schedule for Main Street. 

    Main Street Mobile Recycling Center Stops:

    In front of Egyptian Theatre                                                             10:05am-10:25am

    In front of Cows on right                                                                  10:25am-10:35am

    Between Dugins West on left and Park City Jewelry on right     10:35am-10:45am

    Between Main St. Pizza Noodle & Dolly’s Book Store                  10:45am-11:00am

    In front of Southwest Traders on right                                            11:00am-11:10am

    In front of Habit on right                                                                   11:10am-11:20am

    Across from Mary Jane's on left                                                        11:20am-11:30am

    In front of Atticus                                                                               11:30am-11:40am

    Park On 7th St.                                                                                    11:40am -12:00pm