Name: Jane Schaffner           

From: Moab, Utah 

Years in Park City: 28 

Business: La Niche Gourmet & Gifts

Years on Main Street: 28 

1.  About Jane

I had spent many years in retail, so when the opportunity to open a store in Park City developed; I jumped at the opportunity. I was living in Las Vegas at the time, and Park City was a dream place to call home; not to mention I had always wanted to open my own store. In 1985, La Niche became a reality. I moved to Park City and have lived in here ever since. I love it!  

2.About La Niche Gourmet & Gifts

La Niche began as a traditional kitchen store and has evolved into a small piece of European charm, filled with linens, books, dishes and home accessories. A trip to France last year brought more unique items to the store. As an additional treat, we have a full espresso and gelato bar. We are repeatedly told it is the best coffee on the street and our gelato is truly authentic and delicious. 

3. Describe Park City in five words 

Best Town in the World

4.  Jane's favorite time of year in Park City? Why?

Summer – hands down.  Winter is beautiful, and we love the skiers; however summer offers concerts, festivals and the beautiful outdoor world of the Rocky Mountains.  Each season has it’s own beauty, but summer is the season I long for all year.

5.  Top Historic Park City businesses and why? 

Artworks  - The artist's original work. 

Park City Museum – The history; it is very well done.

6.  Anything else you would like to share?  

We would love to have you visit Park City, Main Street and of course La Niche Gourmet & Gifts.

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