What is your name?  

My name is Scott Thomson

What is the name of your business? OP Rockwell

OP Rockwell

Where are you from? Aspen, Colorado & Newport Beach, CA

Aspen, Colorado & Newport Beach, CA

How many years have you been in Park City? 11 years

11 years

How many years have you been on Main Street?

Personally I have worked on Main Street in Commercial Real Estate for 10 years.

Tell us about yourself.

I was living in the Bay Area working in the High Tech Industry and needed a change in attitude.  After much research and deliberating I chose Park City for my next adventure. It helped I had a couple of friends already in town, but I also felt and still feel Park City had so much to offer and was undervalued for such a wonderful place to live. 

My first job was with Marriott selling time-share, which was a crazy way to make a bit of money while I took appropriate classes for my Real Estate License. This was my first introduction to Main Street as Marriott has a pretty big presence on Lower Main. Soon after obtaining my RE License I put my first deal together which was the purchase of approximately 45,000 sqft of Commercial area below the Marriott Summit Watch, which was owned by Skip Schirf and Harry Reed, two of Park City’s finest. This deal allowed me to work on leasing vacancies on Main Street and gave me direct contact with business owners negotiating leases for many restaurants and retail shops. I get such a kick out of helping people establish themselves as a new business owner. That is why being a part of the fabric of Main Street with OP Rockwell is so exciting because we are adding uniqueness, flavor, and a bit of class to Old Town. We are striving to be a local favorite and a must go establishment for visitors as well.

Tell us about your business.

OP Rockwell is a cOP Rockwelllassy, Speakeasy-style, cocktail lounge & live music venue.  We have a highly versatile space and can accommodate up to 480 people. Being one of the largest venues in town we offer a unique experience for corporate events, parties, meetings, and fundraisers.   We are attracting nationally touring bands as well as local bands along with the help of our sister venue, The State Room, in Salt Lake City.


Describe Historic Park City in 5 words?

Similar to beachfront property; “they are not making any more of it…”  Main Street that is.

What is your favorite time of year in Park City?  

My favorite time of year in Park City is in July. There is no other month of the year that goes by so fast. I can truly say at the end of it, “I wish it wouldn’t end”.  I love skiing and the winter too, but I also get tired of old man winter and by April I’m ready to heat it up.