Name: Asi Yoked

From: Tel Aviv

Years in Park City: 9

Business: Reef's

Years on Main Street: 6

1.  Tell us about yourself and how you ended up in Historic Park City. 

My wife Tali and I are both from Tel Aviv. Before moving to Park City, we had been living in Florida, but my father was in Park City. We decided to make the move to Park City to start a business about the time Tali was pregnant with Reef, our son. My wife, Tali had worked in the food industry for many years, and I’ve always had a talent for cooking. 

We started by doing the Farmers’ Market at the Canyons in 2005. I’d make pita bread all week long at my parents’ house for our booth at the market. The following year we opened Reef’s at Kimball Junction. It has always been a family business that includes me, my father Yehuda, and my wife Tali. Years later we made the move to lower Main Street, which is a location that has allowed us to continue to grow. 

2.  Why Historic Park City? 

When we first moved to Park City Historic Park City didn't seem to be the right place for us, so we originally opened in Kimball Junction. We thought that location would help to build a more local clientele.

As we grew and evolved as a restaurant, we knew we wanted to be a dinner only restaurant. We realized a location in Historic Park City would allow us to become the restaurant we wanted to be. It has been a great fit for us and has allowed us to continue to evolve. 

3. What is your favorite summer activity?

Fly fishing and photography. Out of all of my hobbies – I’m the best at fishing. I’ve been getting into kite boarding lately too.

4. Describe the perfect Historic Park City day. 

Wake up before my kids  – leave the house, go fishing.. .ride my mountain bike.. go kite boarding.. and then go chase the light… to take photos of the sunset.

5. Anything else you would like to share?

We do what we do at Reef’s because we care about our family and friends. Yes, I love to cook, but this is a job to support our family – and one that we are committed to doing a great job at. We are representing world flavors at Reef’s and know that our customers appreciate the quality of ingredients we use – from fish to meat to spices.