"Meet the Merchant" was created to introduce the individuals behind the boutiques, restaurants and galleries in Historic Park City. This month we introduce business owner John Oswald from The Cabin.

1. Tell us about yourself and how you came to Main Street.

I moved to Park City from Newport Beach two years ago. I am the Co-Founder and former CEO of Paul Frank Industries, which is well known for its popular icon, Julius, the famous monkey with a big red mouth. After selling Paul Frank Industries, I Co-Founded and became the President of Cuipo. My focus is on building strategic relationships with "green" partners, as well as developing Cuipo into a global cause brand that is universally associated with education, awareness, the saving of animals and rainforest preservation.

Wanting to ingrain myself in mountain life, I moved to Park City two years ago and purchased a long standing locals bar on the Historic Main Street in Park City and renamed it "The Cabin".

2. Tell us a bit more about The Cabin. 

The Cabin serves straitghtforward, world class beer and the finest selection of spirits in a space that’s cozy and casual with vintage décor reminiscent of a hunting cabin saloon with local Park City mining historical influences. The type of place where you make new friends and swap stories with the friendly, familiar face behind the bar. 

3. Describe Historic Park City in 5 words.

Staying true to Historical Park City. 

4. What is your favorite time of year in Park City and why?

Summer. It is just so beautiful. 

5. What are your favorite Historic Park City businesses?

High West Distillery, No Name Saloon and of course The Cabin! All represent the history of Park City. 

6. What is your favorite time of year/holiday on Main Street?

The 4th of July! The entire community comes together on Main Street with friends and family!

7. What is something people would be surprised about your business?

The mascot of The Cabin….Al the Elkupine, is a real indigenous animal from Park City.

8. What do you do on your day off?

Hang with my beautiful wife Heidi and two boys.