1. How many years have you been in Park City?
      The Park City Historical Society and Museum has been around since 1981.
    2. How many years have you been on Main Street?
    3. The main buildings used for the Park City Museum are historic, they have been in place since 1884. However, the Historical Society was incorporated in 1981, and the story of the Museum began with two women: Tina Lewis and Patricia Smith. Tina, a City Council Member, persuaded the city to fund a Centennial Exhibit (Park City was incorporated in 1884). Patricia, a local artist, was hired by the city to design and create the exhibit. The Centennial exhibit was a huge success, so in 1984 the Historical Society board merged with the Museum board to make the Park City Museum a permanent Facility on Main Street
    4. Tell us about yourself. The Museum is housed, in part, inside the historic City Hall which was built in 1885, one year after Park City was incorporation as a city, at a cost of 6,400. Main Street was flourishing in the late 1800s and many buildings were built around that time. The City Hall also housed the police and fire departments and the Territorial jail. The Great Fire of 1898 destroyed much of the building, except for the facade, some walls and the territorial jail. The town rebuilt after the Great fire at the cost of 1,600. The Whistle Tower, attached to the Museum, was built in 1901 to warn the residents and volunteer fireman of fire in the area. The Park City Historical Society and Museum is a permanent non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, protecting and promoting Park City's history and heritage. It studies and celebrates Park City’s history through exhibitions, research, preservation and educational events. The Park City Museum’s collection contains some of the Society's historic photos of Park City and the Mountain West region.
    5. Tell us about your business.
      In October 2009, the Park City Museum opened its doors after the being newly renovated, where once again it has continued to receive rave reviews about its first class exhibits and exhibitions. From its beginnings in 1984 until present, 1.6 million people have visited the museum. Membership has grown from the 15 original members to over 500 active members today. The work, however, is never done at the Park City Museum! We are continually working to create first class exhibitions, deliver engaging educational programming for diverse audiences and provide a place the community can call its own.
    6. Top 3 Historic Park City Businesses (other than yours) and why?
       - Zoom Restaurant, which sit at the corner of Heber Ave and Main Street in Park City: because it was the Train depot for Park City in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today, the Train depot is fine dining restaurant founded by Robert Redford. 
      - The Egyptian Theater: Live theatrical performances have been the center piece of park City’s rich history. The Egyptian Theater has been a part of this rich history since the 1800s. It original site for an opera House was almost directly at the current location of the Egyptian Theater. However, in 1898, a fire roared through the town, burning most of the town’s structure to the ground, including the Opera House. Determined to restore the live theater and bring performances back to Park City’s residents, the Dewey Theater was build, and soon the theater’s door were opened in 1899, on the site of what is now known as the Egyptian theater. 
       - Grappa Restaurant: It was once a mining and prospector’s lodge. One of the few places in town that single men could stay while working the mines in the late 1800s and early 1900s.
    7. Describe the perfect Historic Park City day.
      A perfect day in park City is when it is a sunny day with lots of individuals and families walking the street, local and visitors alike, i.e Fourth of July, there are many outdoor activities going on throughout the town.
      A perfect day could be going to the park to have lunch and spend time with friends, or to catch a late evening movie that is playing.
      A perfect day could be taking your bike for a stroll on one of the many Park City pathways that run along the preserves or rail trail.