"Meet the Merchant" was created to introduce the individuals behind the boutiques, restaurants and galleries in Historic Park City. This month we introduce Julianne Rosen-Carone from the Visitor Information Center.  Julianne tells us about The Visitor Information Center located in the Historic Park City Museum.

  1. Tell us about yourself and when you came to Main Street. 

    For the last 10 years I was the owner of Rocky Mountain Christmas, an iconic Main Street business. When I moved to Park City in 2005, it didn’t take me long to realize that I wanted to be more involved with the culture and the community. After purchasing the Christmas store in 2006, I became aware of how truly important visitors are to our economy, and that every Main Street employee is a representative of Park City to the outside world. Our store’s closure in April prompted me to find my next adventure and was hired in May by the Park City Chamber Bureau as the Visitor Services Manager. 

  2. Tell us more about your business. 

    Visitor Services is an arm of the Park City Chamber/Bureau that serves the visiting public. The Official Visitor Information Center in Historic Park City is located at 528 Main Street inside the Park City MuseumPark City Utah visitor information centers have everything from maps, interactive displays and in-person help for all of your travel information needs.

  3. What can we expect from the Visitor Information Center Staff?

    The 9 Visitor Information Specialists who work at the Museum interact with and serve the over 115,000 people who come through the door each year. They are paid employees who work with the Museum staff and the volunteer docents to give every visitor a first class experience while visiting Main St and Park City. They participate in ongoing familiarization and site tours, allowing them to stay current on local visitor-pertinent information from dining to hiking to music and events in every season. Whether a guest is just looking to pick up a Coupon Book or wanting advice on Main Street dining or the best trail to hike with kids, or directions to the Utah Olympic Park, my staff will provide them with information, resources, brochures, maps, whatever they request with no sales pitches. They are fair and unbiased as they represent the whole of Park City

  4. What is your favorite time of year in Park City? Why? 

    Fall. I love when the summer season has wound down and town gets a little quiet. It is a nice time for locals to really get out and enjoy the town before the winter season arrives. 

  5. Describe Main Street in Park City in 5 words:

     It’s all about the history!

  6. Favorite time/holiday on Main Street and why?

    Halloween trick or treating on Main Street is my favorite event. Half of the town is there and it is great to dress up and have fun and see all the kids you’ve watched grow up over the years.

  7. Something we would be surprised to learn about The Visitor Information Center on Main St?

    It exists! A lot of people I talk to are surprised to learn that there is an official Information Center in the Park City History Museum. We have just installed new window lettering to better guide guests inside for information.

  8. What do you do on your day off?

    In my spare time I do a lot of volunteering. I have served on a PCSD PTO or SCC every year for the last 11 years. This year I will be President of the PCHS PTO. In the winter I spend a lot of time at the luge track at the Utah Olympic Park. I am an International Luge Judge and work almost every luge race on the Park City track. I also help with the after school luge program at Ecker Hill, introducing kids to the sport. 

  9. What else can we say about The Visitor Information Center on Main Street?

    We love to promote Main St! Come in and let us know how we can help your Park City experience. 

Stop by the Visitor Information Center at either location and pick up maps and brochures about Historic Main Street restaurants and retail stores. 

528 Main Street, Park City, UT 84060


1794 Olympic Parkway, Park City, UT 84098