It’s not always easy to find manly things to when you’re in the middle of a shopping mecca. Unless you like a lot of jewelry and clothes, it may seem like a bar is your only choice. But we’ve compiled a list of fun things to do when you’re in the heart of Park City. But this isn’t just a boys club; feel free to bring the Mrs. with you.

Egyptian Theatre
What does Park City have to do with Egypt? Beats me, but there is the beautiful Egyptian theatre inspired by the discovery of King Tut that was just four years before the opening of the theatre. They even had an Egyptologist on site making sure everything was accurate.
Don't miss the upcoming John Denver tribute June 26th-27th for a manly tribute to the music and legacy of John Denver. 

The Old Jail Museum, also known as The Park City Museum
One look at the holding cells deep below Main Street and you’ll be thankful you weren’t arrested in old-time Park City. Like something out of an old western film, you’ll be grateful for modern day plumbing, well modern day everything.
The Park City Museum also gives a glimpse into the mining industry that built the city, and the early days of the skiing industry that it’s known for today.

Since you’re in the mountains, why not go mountain biking? Main Street is perfect for stretching your legs out. If you’re up for a bigger ride, Park City Mountain Resort has a treat for you! They call them “ski lifts”, and guess what, you can attach your bike to it and hitch a ride up the mountain and plunge back down into town and check out some more of our favorite places.

O.P. Rockwell
If you enjoy the concert life, look no further that O.P. Rockwell. From bluegrass to rock and roll, they have something for everyone. Checkout their website for a lineup of future shows.

We can’t forget that Park City was once a mining town. And like every good mining town, you needed a railway to truly thrive. Union Pacific filled that role in 1886 by building one of the finest buildings in Park City at the time.
Eventually, mining dwindled and thus so did the need for train transport. But never fear! Park City’s adopted son, Robert Redford rescued the building and turned it into this favorite dining spot. Visited by patrons from all over the world and a few celebrities from time to time (*cough, Sundance, cough*); Zoom is the perfect place to get a feel for the past with a taste of the present.

Burns Cowboy Shop
Touted as the “oldest same family owned western retail business in the world”, I can guarantee these people know what it means to be a cowboy. And if you’re going to be in the mountains, you’d better cowboy up partner! From hats to belts to boots, you can get all of your cowboy necessities in one stop. Well, besides a horse of course.

If shopping is your jam, we have barely scratched the surface on where to go to freshen up your wardrobe. Stay tuned to this blog for hip haunts for dudes (We're looking at you Billy's, Prospect, Hathenbruck, and Park City Clothing Company). 

We hope next time you are thinking of visiting Historic Park City this guide will come in handy for the men in tow. 



Brice spends his days in the beautiful Utah Mountains. When he’s not expressing himself through interpretive dance, miming, or abstract cross stitch, he’s hiking, shopping, and most definitely eating.  A lover of all things beard, Brice has been clean shaven approximately one time in the last three years. And he plans on keeping it that way. Find and follow him on Instagram at @biznattch.