It’s the Monday after Christmas. If you are anything like us you are struggling to get back into the swing of the day-to-day grind especially with the best day of the year just days away. We are big believers in saving the best for last, and in this case that would be New Year’s Eve. Friends, New Years Eve is Thursday. It is Monday. If you don’t have your day fully planned we are here to help. 

For starters, you are going to need coffee to fuel your late-night escapades. Stop at either Atticus or Java Cow. You should probably pick up a sweet little treat while you are at it.

Now, What to Wear?

For the ladies it is sparkles, so many sparkles. Our go-to for New Years Eve attire is Mary Jane’s, but Olive and Tweed or Flight are both on the list too. It may be cold outside, but trust me it will be warm wherever you end up. Tights are a lifesaver on New Years Eve in Park City and your warmest jacket. If you pull those two together you are sure to stay warm on your way to the party.

For the men, our biggest advice is to dress to impress. We’ve already told you the ladies are going to be in sparkles. If you must wear a t-shirt and jeans make sure they fit well, are clean and don’t have any unnecessary holes. Stop by Hathenbruck and take a look. We’re sure you’ll be inspired to turn it up a notch.

Where to Go?

New Years Eve is a marathon, not a sprint. Remember this. Make reservations and enjoy a nice dinner (note, if you don’t have reservations yet this is not the time to be picky. You may not get the hottest table at the hot new restaurant. Make sure you find something). This is not an occasion to go light on the calories. Calories on New Year’s Eve are your friend. You are starting your diet tomorrow. Go big today and feel better tomorrow. It’s science.

Where to Watch the Ball Drop?

If staying out until midnight isn’t your thing that’s ok. Remember we are two hours behind New York City, so you can watch the ball drop, ring in 2016 and be home in bed well before the clock strikes 12. Head over to No Name or Collies for a casual cocktail and celebrate early. We won’t judge.

Even better, check out Gallagher at the Egyptian Theatre. Considered to be one of America’s most popular and recognizable comedians, Gallagher will present a “smashingly” funny night of Stand-Up comedy. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets are still available.

Ready to Party Like It’s 1999? We’ve got you covered. You just have to choose your party style.

Park City Live

The 2016 Annual Black & White Masquerade Ball. Presale tickets are $50 & $100. DJ Ross One takes the stage at 9 p.m.

The Cabin  

Holy Water Buffalo & DJ Brisk - 10:00pm - tickets at

Ciseros - Battleship NYE Party 

Downstairs - NYE Party with Chris Masterson & DJ Lux at 8 pm - tickets $60

If you are looking for a lively party, but a little more casual head over to your favorite bar for what is sure to be a fun time.

PRO TIP – Expect to pay a cover and get there early. Bars are sure to reach capacity before the New Year, the last place you want to ring in 2016 is in a line waiting for your turn.

However you celebrate if you are drinking please don’t drive. Between Uber, Park City Transit, a full street of taxis or a designated driver find a safe way home and have a spectacular 2016.

 What are your tips for New Year's Eve?