Hello, and welcome to the 2020 Snow Globe Stroll! 

The Snow Globe Stroll features nine life-sized, interactive Snow Globes designed to represent the magic of Historic Park City. We hope you enjoy the Stroll as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We encourage you to stop and support Historic Park City merchants during your stroll. Whether you are looking to warm up with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate or pick up a few holiday gifts. We think you'll see, there's More on Main! 

Snow Globe Stroll Map

Start at the bottom, the top, or the middle, but don't miss a single globe. Download the Snow Globe Stroll Map to follow along. 

Snow Globe Word Scramble

Each Snow Globe has a secret letter hidden in the globe (the top and bottom Snow Globes have two letters). Find the letters and answer a riddle! The riddle is below, or you can download it here

Snow Globe Stroll Word Scramble