As the temperatures climb higher during the summer months, we rejoice in the ability to spend more and more time outdoors. The feeling of the warm summer sun both rejuvenates and relaxes. It’s spectacular.

Over the last several years, outdoor dining square footage in Historic Park City has increased much to the delight of local residents and guests to Park City.  In 2010, local restaurant owner Steve McComb (owner of Bistro 412 and Cisero’s Restaurant and Nightclub) presented the idea of seasonal dining decks to the HPCA Board of Directors. After receiving support from both the HPCA and Park City Municipal Corporation the seasonal dining decks have been a mainstay on Historic Main Street. The seasonal dining decks add close to 2,000 additional square footage of dining space on Main Street.

With summer in full swing, we invite you to enjoy a meal on one of our outdoor dining decks and watch as the world passes you by as you savor both the cuisine and the beauty offered by the surroundings.

As seasoned pros to outdoor dining in Park City, we have a few tips to ensure your experience is perfecto.

  • Bring a sweater or light jacket for evening dining, as it does get cool as the sunsets over the mountains.
  • Request an outdoor space when making your reservation. The dining decks are quite popular and tend to fill quickly during busing summer evenings.
  • Allow yourself more time to enjoy your meal. It is quite easy to loose track of time in Park City during the summer months. 
  • Finally, we recommend enjoying our annual outdoor dining spectacle, Savor the Summit. Imagine a “Grand Table” the length of Main Street with diners reveling with neighbors and new friends. It is the outdoor dining event of the summer.

For 2014, the following restaurants have installed summer patios:

  • 501 On Main
  • Bandits' Grill & Bar
  • Bangkok Thai on Main
  • Bistro 412
  • Cisero's Ristorante
  • Flanagan's
  • Main Street Pizza & Noodle
  • Shabu
  • The Eating Establishment
  • Several other Historic Park City restaurants offer outdoor dining during the warmer months on permanent patios.

The seasonal dining decks will be in place through October 30, so you can enjoy outdoor dining in Park City throughout the summer and fall.