When long-time resident Jim Santy learned the mine company was going to open a ski resort and install a gondola to transport skiers, he questioned where they were going to get all the water for the canals! Santy soon learned it wasn’t a Venetian gondola, but an aerial tramway gondola used for skiing. The longest in America with more than a two-mile long ride, the egg-shaped cabins were designed and fabricated in Salt Lake City.

In 1983, the original cabins were upgraded and replaced with new Swiss-made square-shaped cabins in three different colors: red, yellow and blue. In 1997, Park City Mountain Resort replaced the gondola with a high-speed six-pack lift, which remains in operation today.
You can see one of the second-generation gondola cabins on display today in the Park City Museum, or buy your very own in the Museum Store. And don’t forget, Museum members get a discount!

The Gongola ornaments come in red, yellow and blue, just like the originals! Stop by the Park City Museum at 528 Main Street to collect all three.