Love it or hate it, “Back to School” messaging has overtaken the media waves, and some of you may be dealing with the realization of summer’s demise sooner than others. Before you get too distraught, we’d like to argue the benefits of the 2nd half of summer. Don’t give up too soon!

You see, in Park City we are fortunate to enjoy all four seasons, but in reality we count them as two - summer and winter. Summer lasts from the day after the ski resorts close until mid-October and sometimes even early November, and winter lasts from the first real snow until the end of the ski season. It’s a fairly simple method of tracking time. Taking this system into consideration we still have quite a bit of summer ahead of us, perhaps even more than 100 days. How will you spend the next 100 days of summer?

  • Coming up quickly, Historic Park City will host the annual Kimball Arts Festival. We featured the Kimball Arts Center in a “Meet the Merchant” several years ago. If you’ve been attending the Arts Fest for years and are looking for a new way to Fest, consider volunteering. Each of the events hosted on Main Street take an enormous amount of work. Lending a hand for a few hours goes a long way! 
  • Take a breather! If you are anything like 90% of Parkites and Park City visitors, it is likely you spend a lot of time on the go, but sometimes it is important to take some time for yourself. Hang out in Miner’s Park and enjoy some free music.Take a seat one on of the street benches and watch the world go by. 
  • Stroll through your favorite shops and perhaps check out a few new ones. Pick out a few new “Back to School” items. I’ve been out of school for longer than I care to admit, but I continue to pick out a few new pieces for my wardrobe each August. It must be engrained in my brain.
  • Escape for a night or two away! The variety of lodging available in Historic Park City is sure to accommodate your every desire. Book a condo at Treasure Mountain Inn or maybe even treat yourself at the Washington School House or Main & Sky. You deserve it.
  • Take in a show or enjoy some after dark entertainment

We invite you to stop by for a visit and celebrate the 2nd half of summer! We know we will.

Share your favorite summer activites in the comments below.