Pay By Phone Parking

Note: Paid parking in Historic Park City is only between 11am - 8pm on Main Street.  All parking accessed off of Swede Alley is free.

No cash? No worries. No you can pay your metered parking on Main Street with the PaybyPhone App. 
With PayByPhone you can choose to receive a text message reminder 5 minutes before your parking expires, giving you the option to extend a parking session. So if you you’re stuck in a meeting, enjoying your meal at a restaurant, or just want to spend more time shopping downtown, you can add parking time from wherever you are without worrying about getting a parking ticket. 

To sign up for a free PayByPhone account, download the smartphone app (iOS, Android, and Blackberry supported), or Don’t have a smartphone? No problem. Simply dial 1-866-234-7275 and follow the voice prompts to set up an account and pay for your parking session using your credit or debit card. The one time registration is quick and easy and your information is securely saved for the next time you use PayByPhone. There is a 35 cent convenience fee for each transaction, which will be paid by the municipality for the first stage of the program.