It is a time of transition, a time of one year wrapping up and a New Year beginning. This time of year, we likely stop for a few moments to reflect on what we loved from the prior year and what our aspirations for the coming year. 

Personally, I’m not huge on resolutions but prefer reflection and consideration. What changes do I want to make for my family, my life, and myself? For me, my goal for 2018 is to celebrate the moments. The ones, that seem simple or ordinary, but the ones you look back on years from now. I’m looking forward to creating more moments in 2018 for myself, with my husband and our son.

Moments for me. I’m a new mom, a wife, and an entrepreneur. While I love every second of this crazy life, at times I yearn for a small slice of the me-time I used to enjoy. In 2018, I want to carve out a little time for me. It won’t be weekly, and probably not even monthly, but quarterly is perhaps something I can commit to. For me, that means a treatment at Aura Spa, an afternoon browsing galleries and boutiques, a leisurely lunch, and perhaps a hike on Sweeney’s Switchback overlooking Historic Park City.

Moments with my husband. As I mentioned, we have a new baby and a new business. I often say these are the days we’ll look back on with the fondest memories, but they are also the days we are working, hard. My husband and I met and fell in love spending time in Historic Park City. For years, we lived on upper Park Avenue and would run down to Main Street for a night out, a quick lunch, or to just wander. In 2018, I want more of those moments. Connecting with one another, enjoying each other, cherishing each other. For us, that means choosing a few shows at OP Rockwell, PC Live, and the Egyptian Theatre, booking a babysitter and making a night of it. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll make it a stay-cation and truly relive our glory days with a night at Treasure Mountain Inn or the Washington School House.

Moments with our son. Introducing our son to the wonders of Main Street. Main Street is a treasure for curious toddlers. As he grows and continues to become ever so interested, I love spending an afternoon with him watching him discover Main Street’s many wonders. This spring, once town quiets down a bit, we’ll take to bus from Prospector and flag down the Trolley. We’ll take the obligatory photo with Franz, look at books at Dolly’s, explore Miner’s Park, and run free on the Town Lift Plaza. We’ll probably enjoy his first ice cream cone from Java Cow as well.

How will you create special moments in the coming year?