If you are not used to cold weather, dressing for a day of winter activities can leave you stressed.  The last thing you want is to regret not wearing the right clothing.  Layering, especially a triple layer, is an easy equation to ensure you stay warm in winter.

Base: A base layer includes skin fitting clothes. They hold body heat but allow moisture escape.

Mid: Mid layer clothing has to be close to the base layer, but not sticking. Layers here control

Outer: Moisture escape and wind blocking is taken care of at this level

Always keep your extremities - hands, head, and feet - warm. Make sure you don’t sweat and get wet, this will leave you feeling cold all day.

Excellent fabrics for winter wear are Wool, Fleece, Polyester, Cashmere, Microfiber, Down, Leather, and Silk.

Historic Park City has many stores that specialize in winter clothing.  Stop into Bahnhof Sport, Destination Sports, Utah Ski and Golf or Aloha Precision Ski for a great selection of winter gear.  Historic Park City also contains two specialty brands that many not be familiar to you.

Marmot, which began as a club at the University of California Santa Cruz, now sells through Marmot dealers all across the US. Unique winter clothing is designed by the clubs’ Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley. Their location in Park City can set you up with a full winter wardrobe to keep the cold at bay.

Baffin has garments for men, women and kids. Going through extreme conditions, Paul Hubner, the president, has perfected Baffin winter wear.  Their store on lower Main Street is the place to find great winter footwear.