While this may not be what you want to hear, mornings are crowd free on Main Street.  This is the time locals hit the post office, grab a cup of coffee and reclaim the street (if only for a little while). 

If you have stayed up late watching films or partying and you don’t have it in you to hit the street before noon, don’t fret.  There is still good food to find and things to see. 

For food, it is best to make reservations for dinner.  Don’t worry if you haven’t or just need to grab a quick bite to eat. Main Street has quite a few restaurants that have counter service where you order and don’t need to wait for your the bill when you are in a rush.  These places also have quick turnover in seating and if there is a wait, it shouldn’t be too long.

Reyes Adobe

Back Door Deli

Main Street Deli


Main Street Pizza and Noodle

Need a great cup of coffee?  Main Street Deli, LaNiche and Atticus Teahouse and Bookstore. Atticus will be closed for the first 6 days of the festival.  Stop on by the second week since it is new and may be a bit undiscovered by the crowd.  Perhaps for only a few days. Java Cow is always popular, but be prepared to wait in line.