Music is always a backbone to the Sundance Film Festival. Films about music, and venues providing music will add ambience to the festival.

There are three documentaries in the Festival that follow the life and experiences of musicians. 
Beats, Rhymes & Life, the feature directorial debut of acclaimed actor Michael Rapaport, documents the inner workings and behind-the-scenes drama that follow A Tribe Called Quest and explores what's next for a group many claim are the pioneers of alternative rap.

Sing Your Song is an inspiring documentary by Susanne Rostock, telling the story of singer/actor/activist Harry Belafonte.  From his rise to fame as a singer, inspired by Paul Robeson, and his experiences touring a segregated country, to his provocative crossover into Hollywood, Belafonte’s groundbreaking career personifies the American civil rights movement and impacted many other social-justice movements.

Framed by the illustrious careers of James Taylor and Carole King, Troubadours delves into the quietly explosive singer-songwriter movement in Los Angeles during the early 1970s. From their home at impresario Doug Weston’s Troubadour club in West Hollywood, artists like Taylor, King, David Crosby, Jackson Browne, Joni Mitchell, and Kris Kristofferson (the list goes on) wrote and performed songs with intimately personal lyrics, marking a transition from the politically focused songs of the ’60s.

Finally, the City has designed 4 spots along Main Street for stree musicans.  The addition to music, as people wander the District, will top off your Sundance experience.

Music also goes from the screen to the stage at various venues in Historic Park City.  A great place to see up and coming musicians along with well known bands, stop by the Sundance Film Festival presents the Sundance ASCAP Music Café.  Stop in during the day to hear a range of exciting songwriters and artists from across the musical spectrum in a program produced by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). From Nicole Atkins, K’NAAN, and the Manchester Orchestra to some of the artists behind the film Pariah, learn more about all the exciting voices performing at the 2011 Music Café.

Beyond The Music Label Series and The Sidecar, located at 333 Main Street, will provide an inviting atmosphere for locals and festival attendees to enjoy music from unsigned and signed acts for 10 days during the festival.

Harry O's is usually the epicenter of after-hours entertainment during the Sundance Film Festival, and this year looks to be no different.  Konstantine Deslis, of Creative Marketing Group, like usual, is heading up the booking, and he has snagged a great act on the opening Thursday of the Festival, Jan. 20: Snoop Dogg, backed by a live band, will headline that night.

The House of Blues is coming to Park City. Veteran Park City show producer Toby Martin has teamed with the House of Blues Foundation to create what he called a “high-profile plus” for festival attendees. The Star Bar, at the top of Park City’s Main Street, will be transformed into the House of Blues Foundation Room for 10 days during the festival, complete with iconic signs, corrugated steel décor and an interior modeled after a Southern juke joint.