Finally! After what felt like the hottest summer ever, we are moving into the crisper days of fall and the leaves are starting to change. Now, we can all collectively stop sweating for the next 9 months.

The thing about fall in Park City is that it really is perfect. If it would just hang around a little longer.

If you can catch that perfect time in the mountains, you’ll be astounded by the beauty of the gold room on Sweeney’s Switchbacks trail. You can comfortably wear all of your layers and never get hot, but also not feel stuffy.

The city is far less crowded than it is in the winter and summer, and almost none of the local businesses or restaurants close down in the fall.

Seriously, the locals are probably going to be mad at me for saying it, but if I were you, I’d plan your trip to Park City for this fall.

We’ve long kept the fall month(s) to ourselves. There are no spring breaks. No Christmas vacation. No Sundancers. No one escaping the heat from Salt Lake Valley.

Fall has been all ours.

But that can get lonely.

That’s why for the second year in a row (after a 20-­year hiatus), Park City is bringing back it’s hot air balloon festival, Autumn Aloft (September 19-­20). And I swear, we really want you there.

This year, even more balloonists will be on the North 40 field behind Treasure Mountain Middle School, and on Saturday night they’ll be doing a “Candlestick” glow right on historic Main Street!

You’ll be able to get up close and personal with the hot air balloons on the field (and you might even be lucky enough to get inside the basket for a short ride).

If you’re a photographer, make sure you come to the morning and evening events for some spectacular shots. In the morning, you’ll get the changing colors in the background and in the evening, you can get the balloons in the foreground and old town in the background. Not to mention, perspectives from under the balloons and maybe even inside and above them!

Fair warning, it’s an early start for the morning activities, so I’d head straight there and plan on going to breakfast with the whole family on Main Street afterwards.

So, I really mean this, come join us this fall...

...just don’t tell all your friends.


Sarah FlinnSarah is a Park City local, the food blogger behind and a social media content specialist for USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake City. She spends most of her free time outside enjoying all that the Utah landscape has to offer. Sarah hopes to someday live much like the Grinch: high on a mountain top overlooking the villages. She’ll keep her heart of gold, though.