There’s really no such thing as an “off season” anymore. And that’s a good thing. Residents and tourists are out enjoying the last of the warm weather before the snow starts falling. The restaurants stay open year-round and there is something going on almost every weekend from Labor Day through Thanksgiving.

Of course the changing colors of the aspen trees don’t hurt either.

Looking around at the changing fall colors is great, but what is there to actually do? It’s almost like your read my mind. Here are the top 13 things to do this fall in Park City.

  1. Park City Dine About (Oct. 1-9) - Calling all foodies! This is your chance to try out all of those amazing restaurants you’ve been meaning to get to without spending your entire vacation budget. Check out the list of participating restaurants and when you go in for lunch or dinner ask for a “Dina About” menu and eat up!
  2. Gallery Stroll (last Friday of each month) - There is no shortage of artwork in the Historic District of Park City. With over 20 galleries, you will definitely be able to find the perfect piece to fit that blank space on a mantle or wall. The galleries are open during normal business hours, but if you go during the last Friday gallery stroll, you can enjoy light refreshments and be surrounded by other art collectors. It’s a lively scene that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a local or visiting at the end of the month.
  3. Halloween on Main Street - Any event where there are dogs in costumes is a winner in my book! The shops lining Main Street welcome trick-or-treaters and there is a dog costume parade, so dress up your kids and pets for a fun afternoon downtown where you’ll get to see some real local flair!
  4. Thriller at the Egyptian Theater (Sep. 23-Oct. 9) - Odyssey Dance Company puts on this annual show described as a “ghoulish dance of monsters and maniacs, creeps and clowns.” Sounds like the perfect way to spend an evening in the fall!
  5. Live PC, Give PC - We all love Park City. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t live here or visit as often as we can, right? That’s why Live PC, Give PC encourages locals and visitors to give back to the community and support local nonprofits. These efforts all culminate on Nov. 4 this year. Once again, High West Distillery (21+ only) will be opening its doors to the community to celebrate the annual 24 hours of giving.
  6. Whiskey Wednesdays at High West Distillery - If you’re not in town for Live PC, Give PC day, but you still want to a fun excuse to have a whiskey tasting (not that you really need one), High West hosts tastings every Wednesday night. (Consider taking public transportation or an Uber there and back home so your whole group can enjoy the entire lineup.)
  7. World’s Longest Shot Ski with Wasatch Brew Pub (Oct. 22) - If you’re in town on Oct. 22, don’t miss your chance to be part of a world record and the 30th anniversary celebration of one of Utah’s favorite microbreweries. The goal is to gather 1,000 people on Main Street for the longest shot ski ever recorded! There will also be a beer garden with live music before and after.
  8. Park City Museum - We don’t just throw around the term “historic” lightly. Park City truly is an historic town and there is a lot to learn about the many different stages of our small town’s past. If you are a Park City local, bookmark Oct. 18 and visit the museum for free.
  9. Park City Food Tours - Another great option for anyone that appreciates a well-crafted meal. Park City Food Tours give you a chance to try several different restaurants, meet new people, learn about the history of Park City, and have a blast while doing it.
  10. Escape Room - You may not guess it (I certainly didn’t) but apparently being locked in a room and trying to figure out how to get out can be fun. Seriously, everyone who has actually gone to an Escape Room goes on and on about how much they love it. I haven’t tried it myself but I’m excited to go to the Park City version since it features “The Mine Trap” tying it into the local history.
  11. Shopping Spree - When all else fails, there’s always shopping. Main Street literally has something for everyone. When you’re planning your vacation, allot one day to walking up and down the street, grab your meals on Main Street and take your time enjoying the old town charm. If you live in Park City, when was the last time you went shopping downtown? Chances are a lot has changed since then. Start your holiday shopping early and use it as an excuse to see what’s new on the street.
  12. Spa Day - There’s a pretty good chance you like Park City’s scenery, right? You probably even like getting up close and personal with it by hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fly fishing, skiing, and snowboarding. All fun stuff. Fun stuff that leaves your feet begging for a break! Give yourself a chance to recoup every once in awhile with a trip to the spa.
  13. Ghost Tour - Crisp air, falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes. It all fits the fall theme. What better way to up your fall vibes than with a spooky ghost tour? This is always one of the most loved activities on Main Street, so make it a point to book your tour while the atmosphere is right!

There was a time when Park City shut down in the off season, but luckily for everyone living in or visiting Park City, that doesn’t happen anymore. The weather is perfect and the scenery is breathtaking. But there’s too much to do to just sit around and ogle the Wasatch Mountains. Make the most of the season...after all, winter’s coming!