If you’ve visited Park City before, you’ve likely felt the magic. It’s not something we can easily explain in written words. It’s a feeling. It may be different for you and me, but there is something about the twinkle of the overhead lights, the Trolley, Franz the Bear, Loosey the Moosey, the Post Office, and maybe most importantly the people. We are different; we are special.

We thought long and hard about how to tell our story, but then we realized something. It’s not just our story to tell. It's the merchants, it's the visitors, it's the residents; it is our collective story. It is our collective pride, and our collective charm that makes Park City what it is.

For years now we have been sharing some of these stories through our monthly “Meet the Merchant”. We’ve introduced guest bloggers. We’ve taken photos. The next step in this progression, this evolution is a video series that shares five Park City ‘characters’. Lori, Emily, Doug, Jordan and Carrie tell their Park City stories in their words. We didn’t script the edits, but they all tell the same story, our Park City story.

The first episode is a compilation of all of the stories. You’ll have to keep coming back. We’ll release a new edit each month. Enjoy.