Park City offers some of the mountain biking available. Historic Park City is in the center of town and has easy access to the 325+ mile network of public trails in and around Park City.  Park City's three ski resorts provide lift-served, single and double-track mountain biking during the summer months. The Town Lift, operated by Park City Mountain Resort has the ability to trasport you and you bike up the hill or choose to start your route up Daly Canyon, lower Deer Valley from Main Street.

Printed copies of the Park City trail map are available at the Museum on Main Street, White Pine Touring, Dolly’s Bookstore, Destination Sports, Marmot, Banhof Sports, Utah Ski and Golf,  and a variety of other locations.  Individuals are welcome to pick up a copy at any of those locations.

When out on the trails keep in mind trail etiquette.  Please remember that all users should yield to horses, and cyclists should yield to those on foot. When going downhill, yield to the uphill user (of the same type.)