Ditching that extra family car, or perhaps your only car, just got a bit easier for Park City residents. The City has partnered with UhaulCarShare to launch a car sharing program open to households and organizations of all types, including businesses.

UhaulCarShare is launching the program with two vehicles in Park City, a Toyota Prius and Ford F-150, with the possibility of adding more depending on usage. Both vehicles are parked in covered parking at the China Bridge Parking structure in Swede Alley. The vehicles are located between levels NG and N1 on the north side of the structure.

Individuals and organizations who wish to use the vehicles must enroll on-line at www.uhaulcarshare.com. Participants who sign up in the next three months using the promo code “ParkCity” will receive a discounted rate and driving credits.

Those who sign-up early will pay a one-time $15 registration fee, as opposed to the standard $25 rate, and will also receive $25 in driving credits.Car sharing removes the burden of car maintenance, insurance, and even gas! With a flexible rate structure members pay only for vehicles as they are used. There is no ongoing fee to be a member of the program. Car share vehicles can be rented at any time or the day or night for as little as an hour or for as long as three days. All costs of operation including fuel, insurance, vehicle maintenance, and 24/7 roadside assistance are covered in the rental fees. Members pay only for what they use, in one low hourly rate.