In my opinion, the perfect combination for Christmas shopping in Historic Park City involves the sun shining, the temperature situated perfectly in the mid-30s, and free parking on Main Street. This perfect combination presented itself this week, so I jumped at the chance to spend an afternoon browsing the many boutiques and galleries. I’m fortunate that this was also considered working; I can never be too familiar with the boutiques, galleries and restaurants in town, so I gathered myself and my camera with the dual-mission of putting a dent in my Christmas list and capturing some teaser photos of the merchants participating in the Window Display Contest.

The Holiday Window Display Contest started last year. Participating merchants have the chance to win $300, $200 or $75, and to encourage voting we pull eight names from the ballot boxes to receive a $50 Gift Card valid at participating merchants. It really is a win-win and does a great job tranforming charming Historic Park City to a true winter wonderland. 

This year’s participants in the Window Display Contest include:

In my quest to captures images of these windows I quickly realized that photographing windows in the afternoon is a bad idea, which meant I had to venture in the stores; I didn’t leave many empty handed. To vote, you also have to venture into the stores and find their ballot box, then provide your name, number and email address and vote for your favorite display.  

With beautiful Park City weather forecasted for the next several days, I encourage you to join us in Historic Park City, take advantage of free parking on Main Street and take a peek inside and see what treasures you may find. Extra points if you visit a merchant you have never visited before. The holiday season is beautiful in Historic Park City; it truly is a winter wonderland.