What Do You Have to Do to Enter a Float in the Electric Parade?

The answer? Not much.

●      There’s no cost to enter a float in the Electric Parade.

●      You can put as little or as much work into it as you want.

●      There are no requirements on the number of lights or the building materials used. Are you wondering how to "Electrify" your car? There are a few different techniques. BJ has one solution in this You Tube video, but we use a gas powered generator (and ventilate the car). 

●      You don’t have to be associated with a company or group.

●      Basically, there are no requirements.  Let us know you are coming by signing up. 

Past parade participant Sarah Flinn shared a few tips on how she and her family have created multiple award winning floats over the years. 

I remember watching the first Electric Parade cruise up Main Street. And I mean cruise. Honestly, the three floats (the Main Street Trolley, the PCTV Unimog and the fire truck) were probably going at least 30 mph. Literally, breaking the speed limit. It was just a blur of lights flying past and I don’t think anyone knew it was even happening.

Luckily, they made two laps in case you missed the first go-around.

Each year since then, it’s gotten bigger. More companies and groups are entering floats and more spectators are lining the sidewalks to watch it go past.


The stakes have been raised each year, but here are a few tips I can give you without violating my nondisclosure agreement ;)

  1. The more lights, the better. The parade is still pretty fast as far as parades go, so you want to make sure people can see all the details you put into it.
  2. Creativity is key. Think of something that will stick in the judges’ and spectators’ minds.
  3. Plan your transportation ahead of time. How will you get your float to Main Street? One year, our snowglobe almost didn’t make it to the main event. It might be beneficial to build in sections that can be assembled once you get to old town.
  4. Have fun. This parade is hands down the best parade in Park City. Better than Miner’s Day and better than 4th of July. It is still very much the parade of a small town and because of that, it’s more fun to participate than it is to watch (not that watching isn’t fun too).

While I hate to add any unnecessary competition, I want to know that we’re competing against the best and brightest (I mean that literally) floats out there. It’s a free entry and with just one day to prep, we were able to win the “Spirit of Park City” award our first year. With slightly more time and planning, we took home the grand prize last year.

You’ve still got time to put together something spectacular to kick off the holiday shopping season on Main Street.


Sarah Flinn

Sarah is a Park City local, the food blogger behind CallMeFudge.com and a social media content specialist for USANA Health Sciences in Salt Lake City. She spends most of her free time outside enjoying all that the Utah landscape has to offer. Sarah hopes to someday live much like the Grinch: high on a mountain top overlooking the villages. She’ll keep her heart of gold, though.