If you know anything about summer in Park City, you’ve probably heard about the ample opportunities for outdoor concerts. If you wanted to, you could enjoy an outdoor concert nearly every night of the week. Many of them would probably be complimentary.

But, I’m not here to tell you about how great all the concerts are (they are great though). I’m here to help you plan for what to bring. You’ll want to be prepared in a couple ways. First, as soon as that picturesque sunset comes to an end it gets cool fast so don’t forget warm clothes. And second (and most importantly), unlike most concert venues, many of area venues allow you to bring all the food and drink your heart desires in with you. That’s where we come in!

As you know, Main Street has a lot of great restaurants. It’s a great stop for an après-concert dinner, but if you would rather maximize your time outside, grab a bottle of wine from the liquor store on Swede Alley or Old Town Cellars and order take-out from your favorite Main Street restaurant. What is better than a mountainside picnic?

  • An easy option is to grab a pizza and salad from Red Banjo or Davanza’s. Vinto also has great wood-fired pizza with good salad, pasta, and panini options, too.
  • If you prefer sandwiches, salads, and other American fare you’ll want to consider Wasatch Brew Pub or Bandits’ Grill & Bar.
  • I saved my favorite new find for last. Riverhorse Provisions is new to Main Street. Riverhorse Café has been a longtime favorite in town and their new spot has recently added gourmet picnic baskets. Each of their baskets serves two and is reasonably priced (range $19-$38). They have fried chicken, pasta, fruit & charcuterie, and a seafood basket to name just a few of their basket options. Each comes with sides and a dessert to make things complete. They also have individual salads, sandwiches, wraps, and sides if you’d prefer.

Bottom line: you can’t go wrong with any choice you make. Summer is far too short in the mountains for my taste so make the most of them and enjoy the evenings under the stars with great food and great music!