What do you want to eat? It’s the age old question, isn’t it? If you’re visiting Park City or a long-time local it can be tough to keep track of who’s who, what’s new, and of course old favorites you don’t want to miss. Sure you can search Yelp, Open Table or Google Reviews for local restaurants, but it’s also nice to read a round-up highlighting a few menu items at local restaurants.

Browse a comprehensive list of restaurants in Historic Park City for even more ideas where to eat. 


The Eating Establishment

The Eating Establishment has a laid back vibe and a great selection of beverages, ranging from kombucha to the classiest of cocktails. Be sure to try their Loaded Baked Potato Omelet, you can't get anything like it elsewhere!

The Bridge Cafe and Grill

Breakfast is served all day at The Bridge, so stop in for brinner if you're feeling a craving come on. Order the Brioche Breakfast (Fried Egg, bacon, havarti cheese, fresh avocado, hollandaise sauce, and sprouts with fresh fruit)


Harvest's menu is varied: light and fuller options are available, and they have a full coffee bar. Get the avocado toast, you won't regret it.


Vinto Pizzeria

Vinto Pizzeria is a chic pizza parlor with seasonal menus. The Regina Pizza has unique flavors (forest mushrooms, grilled chicken, pancetta, roasted garlic, rosemary, fontina) and is the perfect afternoon pick me up.

501 on Main

501 is at the heart of Main Street, and if you get a window seat you can combine lunch with a little people watching. The Lobster Bisque is perfect on a cold afternoon.

Collie's Sports Bar and Grill

Collie's is a great, casual place to spend an afternoon watching a game, having a drink, and eating one of their signature burgers.



The home of Southwestern cuisine. Chimayo's atmosphere will have you feeling like you're south of the border as soon as you walk in the doors. Their duck enchiladas are a great choice for someone who's looking to try a new spin on a traditional dish.


Fletcher's is a steak house, so obviously you can't go wrong ordering that specialty. For any vegetarians who may be joining the party, the buffalo cauliflower is packed full of flavor.


Everything at Firewood is cooked in a wood fired stove, hence the name of this establishment. The Elk is a favorite for Firewood patrons, but the Jackfruit & Artichoke Cake is another delicious, albeit lesser known, menu item.

This is certainly not a complete list of where and what to eat on Main Street. What are a few of your favorite menu items at Park City Main Street restaurants?