The HPCA has worked closely with the City to develop a plan to address the overflow issues in China Bridge Parking Garage. Our goal is to keep customers coming to the street throughout the evening hours.

It is important to know that businesses in Historic Park City employ over 1,020 employees nightly and building more parking requires funding and is a long term solution that is being explored.

Our plan is to amend this program further based on your comments and thoughts prior to the City Council's review in November for implementation on December 15, 2014.

Ways to Give Feedback

Call 435-640-2732

RSVP and attend a feedback meeting at Treasure Mountain Inn - Alder Room:

Monday, October 27 – 1pm

Tuesday, October 28 – 2:30pm

Thursday, October 30 – 8:30am

Thursday, October 30 – 4pm

Friday, October 31 - 9:30am

RSVP to Alison Butz at

Committee Members
John Kenworthy - Flannagan's on Main
Ron Wedig - No Name Saloon and Butchers
Maren Mullin - Gallery MAR
Stephanie Johnston - Marriott Summit Watch

Seasonal Weekend Parking Capacity

Seasonal Parking

Additional research shows that the perception of parking capacity and actual parking capacity are not equal. The perception of parking capacity occurs when parking is at 70% of capacity. When capacity perception is overlaid on top of actual capacity, the perception of our parking challenges appears to be greater than it actually is. 

Our goal is to keep customers coming to the street throughout the evening hours

DRAFT Winter Parking Plan

Transit Hours

  • Service until 3am – Fridays and Saturdays
  • Dedicated employee lot at Treasure Mountain School on Kearns Boulevard (150 spaces)
  • 15 passenger van service direct to Transit Center in addition to Yellow and Red bus lines from TMMS (3:30pm to 7pm)
  • Ability to see the passenger van's location on the Transit App

Parking Areas and Permits

China Bridge

  • Duration remains at 6 hours in covered areas
  • 6 hour limit on top level of China Bridge
  • Enforcement extends until 11pm – 7 days a week even on Swede Alley
  • New tiered system for China Bridge Parking Permits

Sandridge Lots

  • Potential 6 hour limit
  • Next fiscal year budget request for lighting in the lot and on stairs

Main Street

  • Paid parking hour extension until 11pm

Tiered Parking Pass Program - Draft

  Pass Price     



  •    Non-transferrable
  •    Window sticker or plate registration
  •    Uncovered areas and Sandridge
  •    Blacked out beginning Friday at 5pm, Saturdays and all major events.*


  •    Reassignable, not transferrable
  •    Hangtag or multiple plate registration
  •    Covered areas
  •    Blacked out beginning Friday at 5pm, Saturdays and all major events.*


  •    Transferrable
  •    Hangtag
  •    No blackouts
  •    Includes Sundance guaranteed levels

*Major events could include Saturdays of larger summer events and Sundays in the summer.

 Marketing and Promotion

  • City is investigating ability to waive previous tickets if the person utilizes TMS lot for parking.
  • Information on how to get to Main Street by using the bus, hotel shuttles and taxis will be in both Mountain Express and Park City Magazines.
  • Talking points on parking and alternative transportation will be developed for hostess stations