Prewitt Gallery

The newly opened Prewitt Gallery features 3,600 square feet of art and sculptures from around the world and serves as headquarters for renowned artist, tech pioneer and accomplished race car driver Hal Prewitt. Traveling the world has allowed Hal to capture an array of awe-inspiring images of wildlife, landscapes and exotic locales. Unlike other photographers who produce multiple copies of images, most of Prewitt's are originals. Similar to paintings, his original images are one-of-a-kind, museum quality and produced on materials using techniques designed to last hundreds of years. 

His rarest and most unique images are on display in the our new Historic Main Street Gallery - Prewitt Gallery along with acclaimed sculptor Peter M. Fillerup’s Wild West Designs. Growing up in the heart of the west, Peter Fillerup’s interest in the rough and tumble life on the frontier is evident in the subjects he choses to portray including one of a kind art designs embodied in bronze cast sculptures, lighting and hardware. His award winning architectural designs feature chandeliers with stunning stained glass panels and domes, to fireplace screens, sconces, lanterns and coordinating door and cabinet hardware.

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