In the early 80s, KUHL founder Kevin Boyle could be found selling Alfwear hats to skiers from the back of a van at Snowbird with his brother, Jay Boyle, Alf Engwall and Conrad Anker. The four skiers wanted to build a lifestyle brand that supported their love of outdoor sports. Eventually Alfwear evolved to become KUHL as Kevin became more and more frustrated with the fit and limited use of outdoor clothing. 

Today KUHL’s mission is to give people the clothing they need to get outside fashionably while providing the buyer incredibly durable and soft clothing. They pride themselves on being a “mountain to Main Street” brand, where wearers of their outdoor clothing can hike, bike or backpack in their KUHL during the day and blissfully walk into a restaurant for dinner in the evening, without having to change. Known for fit, fashion, and durability, these pieces are great for outdoor activities, in all seasons, and perfect for the avid traveler.

Not only does the owner and founder, Kevin Boyle, understand the details of each article, but he is also actively involved in the design, testing, and display of each of his pieces of clothing. Even without a background in fashion design, Kevin is active in creating his clothing line and is always on a quest to improve his line from year to year. Among the special, and yet essential, elements of KUHL design are their fit, accessory pockets, which are entirely hidden for travel, and specialty fabric seams which bend and moves with the owner. Pockets are engineered to be expandable, such as their 3D pockets on their men’s pants. Other pocket details include vented pockets and zippered pockets on women’s pants. Their cell phone pocket is redesigned every year for the increasing size of cell phones.

From hats to fleece, they’ve fine-tuned the fabrication and evolved from a hat company to a full team of mountain-living, outdoor clothing specialists. Team KUHL wash and wear samples of clothing before they are sent to market. From designers to the sales team, everyone is encouraged to “try to beat up” the garment. The Team is encouraged to be very critical of the samples, as Kevin won’t produce a product which isn’t 100% in line with his product quality.

Kevin’s passion and involvement are evident in the context of the store, in which each piece of clothing is displayed to the incoming client in an art gallery setting, with each article owning its own space.

KUHL is now the second largest independently owned outdoor lifestyle brand in America. Based locally in Salt Lake City, they start with patterns, then move to get the clothing fit which feels right, then matching fit to the appropriate fabric for each piece. Kevin travels extensively worldwide to find materials which give a look and feel that the outdoor community can live comfortably in from day-to-day.

With their flagship store in Park City and their newest store, which opened their doors in San Francisco in September of 2018, KUHL has started the expansion of their locations. Park City was an obvious choice for their flagship, as Kevin wanted to be in a mountain town with great neighbors and the clientele who live the outdoor lifestyle.

Grab the full KUHL experience at the Park City store located on Main Street, or browse through their very chic, yet durable, clothing online at