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Historic Main Street is your destination for engaging attractions, world-renowned dining, and unique shopping opportunities. Visit our interactive maps to help plan your experience.

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It’s safe to say the last year has brought many changes to Park City and beyond. A little more than a year ago, as we began to navigate the new COVID-19 world, we were all a little unsure as to what our future would hold. And, while change is always scary, change is also powerful and innovative, especially for a street filled with entrepreneurs.  Every so often we like to highlight what’s new in our little corner of the world. While COVID-19 may have changed much of the way we live, interact, and experience, creative businesses have not let that stop them from realizing their dreams. We are excited to highlight a few of our newest businesses to make their mark on Main Street. Have you visited one of Main Street’s newer merchants?


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Who we are and our mining industry

Old Town Liquor Store Temporarily Closed - Don't Fret!

Keep in mind there are alternatives in Historic Park City to purchase wine and alcohol.


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Walk, bike, bus, ski or drive Historic Park City is nestled between Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort in the heart of Park City.

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