Park City is well-known as a world-renowned winter destination, and it’s not just because of the skiing. Park City has a wealth of fine art galleries for every taste, style, and persona.

Whether your preference is American Art, Contemporary art or Impressionism with more than 20 galleries, you’ll find a piece which speaks to you.


Among the many featured galleries are famous wildlife photographer Mangelsen and his studio “Images of Nature” where you can ponder what his subject of several years, a female bear, was thinking when she was photographed by Mangelsen. Or laugh at his photo of a porcupine looking through a cabin window. Animal lovers and art lovers alike will enjoy the scenes Mangelsen has captured through his lens.

Gallery Mar

Gallery Mar is a local Park City gallery with heart. “Our goal at Gallery MAR to host at least one non-profit event in our Park City gallery each month.” Their philanthropic mission gives back to over one dozen local non-profit organizations each year. In addition to giving, Gallery Mar hosts a wide-ranging collection of over a half-dozen art forms on their gallery. Browse through the main hall or take a peek at their sliding doorways full of fantastic art finds.

J Go Gallery

J Go Gallery procures artwork with a “curated collection of contemporary artwork by renowned artists who have technical expertise, aesthetic excellence, and remarkable creativity.” Their current exhibition, Distorted Reflections by Taralee Guild, is a noteworthy collection of artwork which features images distorted on reflective surfaces. Stop into J Go Gallery to see this exquisite exhibition for yourself!

Meyer Gallery

The Meyer Gallery was first established in 1965 and has grown to be a contemporary art icon in the state of Utah. Founded by Darrell and Gerry Meyer, it was originally called the "Hanging Room Gallery". Upon acquiring the gallery's present location the couple changed the name to "Meyer Gallery".

Want to visit them all?

Have an “artistic taste” of each of the art galleries at The Last Friday Gallery Stroll, held the last Friday of each month from February through December of each year. The Stroll is a free community event for locals and visitors to enjoy and explore our unique art scene in Park City. Relish distinctive local artists while walking Historic Downtown Park City from 6:00–9:00 pm. Held by the Park City Gallery Association, this monthly showcase highlights local artists, special exhibits and art events.