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Getting Around Park City on Public Transit

Experience a hassle-free journey to our location by taking advantage of the fantastic public transit system. No more worries about traffic congestion or finding a parking spot. Instead, sit back, relax, and let public transit do the work for you. Whether you're commuting from a nearby neighborhood or traveling from further away, you'll find that the frequent and reliable bus and train options make it so easy to get to us. And the best part? Not only is it convenient, but it's also an eco-friendly choice that helps reduce carbon emissions. So, come join us and see for yourself just how effortless and enjoyable public transit can be!

Directions to 325 Swede Alley - China Bridge Parking Garage.


Just look for the bright blue signs with white lettering. Route colors and time points may be found on your closest bus stop sign. The bus tracker shows where all the bus stops and transfer points are located. For your safety, buses stop only at designated bus stops. Please arrive two or three minutes early and wait at the bus stop. As the bus approaches, be sure to check the overhead destination sign to ensure you are boarding the right bus.  If you are waiting for a bus at night, turning on a flashlight and directing it at your feet helps the driver see you.

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