Historic Park City Recycling and Trash

Mobile Recycling Center

The Mobile Recycling Drop-off Center is available for use by all merchants.  The center accepts sorted cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, metal, polystyrene and glass (wine box size amount) from any business in Park City's Business Improvement District. 

The program is operated by Good Earth Recycling.  Get to know them better and visit this Meet the Merchant post.

Days of Service: Regular stops are made on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  Additional days are added during sundance and will be posted on January 3, 2020.

Mobile Recycling Center Stops:

Across from Riverhorse Provisions                                                   9:55am-10:05am

In front of Egyptian Theatre                                                             10:05am-10:25am

In front of Cows on right                                                                  10:25am-10:35am

Between Dugins West on left and Park City Jewelry on right     10:35am-10:45am

Between Main St. Pizza Noodle & Dolly‚Äôs Book Store                  10:45am-11:00am

In front of Southwest Traders on right                                            11:00am-11:10am

In front of Habit on right                                                                   11:10am-11:20am

Across from Mary Jane's on left                                                        11:20am-11:30am

In front of Atticus                                                                               11:30am-11:40am

Park On 7th St.                                                                                    11:40am -12:00pm 

Common Trash and Recycling Containers

Many businesses utilize the common containers in Swede Alley for their trash and recycling instead of housing a trash container at their business.  If you have questions about the common containers or about your service please contact alison@historicparkcityutah.com.