Fatali Gallery

Michael Fatali's insightful understanding of our unified connections with nature has blessed him with a life mission to share with us all. The still frames of time are reflections that mirror the glory from the Creator of light and power. "Over the years, I have learned to use my photography as a voice for the gospel of nature. It is my goal and mission to communicate the mysterious connections we all share with this land having chosen to be a portrait photographer of God's creations. I will continue to practice ways that bring us a little closer to the spirit of nature."

No computer imaging, artificial lighting, or unnatural filtration are used in my photographs. Michael Fatali uses only natural light for all the images made for the gallery collection of handmade photographic prints.  To him, using nature's light is the best way to express the wonders of natural phenomena.

Michael Fatali has dedicated his entire adult life to exploring and capturing on film, subjects and light, push the envelope of the believable. It is this beauty of the natural world that connects us with the spirit of the land.

Photographing these magical monuments of God's creation requires the practice of great patience. Waiting for hours, days, or sometimes even years for the right light is what is required to communicate the wonder. 

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