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Land Juicery

Located in the upper level of 509 Main Street, Park City, Utah. Pink Elephant has partnered with Land Juicery to open a coffee shop and juice bar in the upper level of Prospect. It's a collective of sorts, a partnership of like-minded businesses and a bringing together of ideas all in one space. At Pink Elephant Coffee Shop, we craft each cup of brew-to-order coffee and cappuccino with care. You'll notice we weigh each shot of espresso and perform each pour over coffee on the scale; it's that attention to detail that makes every cup of coffee so special. Land Juicery, with their commitment to using truly exceptional organic produce and ingredients and crafting each and every juice with precision and care, is the perfect partner. We put that commitment to quality into the sourcing of so many aspects of the shop: Ritual Chocolate is on the shelves and in our mochas and hot chocolate, a rotating lineup of Mamachari Kombucha is on tap, and you can grab an assortment of exceptional baked goods, treats, and vegan pastries from the likes of Sweets & Cheese and Suss Cookie Co. Come in for a visit and stay awhile.

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