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Overland Sheepskin Company

Overland Sheepskin Co. offers an extensive collection of the finest sheepskin coats, leather jackets, luxurious fur coats, wool coats, sheepskin boots, sheepskin slippers, leather handbags, sheepskin rugs, cowhides, and sheepskin car seat covers & accessories.

Operating 13 upscale stores since 1973 and with all purchases backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, Overland has built an unparalleled reputation as America’s most trusted source for premium sheepskin, leather & fur.

Overland carries a wide range of products which are a delight to the senses… but especially to the touch. From the silky feel of our elegant sheared beaver, mink and sheepskin furs, to the buttery-soft touch of leathers, our stores are a sensual feast.

Call us: (435) 940-0720

Visit our website: www.overland.com/

Come in: 545 Main Street