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PANDO FINE ART has utilized its relationships developed with fellow painters, sculptors and dealers from the United States and Europe, to bring some of the Nation's finest art and ancient Fossils to the Historic Main Street of Park City UT.

Visitors can expect to see a dynamic blend of styles and perspectives. 
With over 20 years of experience in the art industry, our founder curates a collection of timeless art. Art enthusiasts, collectors, and new admirers can find reflections of landscapes, pop culture, wildlife, and more. Featured artists include the oil master of light Alexander Volkov, pop artist  Taylor Smith, wildlife painter Nicole Gaitan, and more. Our art consultants are expertly trained to help you hand-select the perfect piece to fit in any area of your home. Pando Fine Art even offers in-home consultation. 

Discover the beauty of Pando Fine Art in Park City, where every visit promises a journey into the extraordinary world of contemporary and fine art. Experience creativity, discover inspiration, and make Pando Fine Art a part of your artistic exploration in Utah.

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Come in: 444 Main Street